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Cloudz Contest by xXMysticHunterXx
Mature content
Cloudz Contest :iconxxmystichunterxx:xXMysticHunterXx 1 0
Me And My Best Friend! by xXMysticHunterXx Me And My Best Friend! :iconxxmystichunterxx:xXMysticHunterXx 0 0
Chapter 2
Vyn And Bellas Story Chapter 2
Bellas POV : When The Door Opened There Was A Strange Man In A Hoodie
With A Blue Mask He Seemed To Have Grey Skin "Hello Sir!" He
Just Stared At Me Before Mumbling "Hi.." He Doesn't Seem To Like
To Talk "The Names Belladonna! You Can Call Me Bell Or Bella!!"
"My Names Eyeless Jack EJ For Short" "Nice To Meet Cha!"
"You Too" Just The Toby Walked In And Said Something To EJ
EJ Only Nodded At Went Back To What He Was Doing When Toby Spoke Up
"Alright Bella Let's Go Imma Give You A Tour And Introduce Ya To Some People"
"Ok! Tobster! Lead Da Way!!!" Toby Seemed To Cringe At His Nickname
And EJ Seemed To Snicker I Just Smiled As I Was About To Follow Toby
Grabbed My Hand Causing My Face To Heat Up I Tried To Hide But He Must Have Seen
My Face Flush Because He Snickered
Tobys POV : I Watched As Bellas Face Went A Light Shade Of Red She Looked
Adora- NO I Promised Myself I Wouldnt Fall For Anyone El
:iconxxmystichunterxx:xXMysticHunterXx 0 0
Chapter 1
Vyn And Bellas Story Chapter 1
Bellas POV : I And Vyn Were Running We Had Made Our
Way Into The Forest When Vyn Was Pushed By The B!@#H Named
Alice I Ran Back I Was Angry I Couldn't Contol It I Took Out
A Knife And Killed Her She Had Knocked Out Vyn So I Picked
Her Up And Started Walking Around The Forest I Walked Towards
A Lake I Had Saw Earlier As I Sat Down Waiting For My Sister And
Trying To Get The Blood Off My Dress Only Making It Drip Down
I Felt Eyes Starring Holes Into My Head I Was About To Get Up And
Look Around When My Sister Started Waking Up.
??? POV : We Watched The Girl Try To get The Blood Stains off
Her Dress Only To Fail She Seem To get Ready To Stand Up
When The Other One Started Waking Up The One Who Seemed
Older Staired At The Younger One "I-I B-Bet Shes G-G-Gonna
S-Scream." Toby Said Hoodie Seemed To Nod Agreeing With Him
Toby Had Been More Calm Ever Since Clockwork Broke His
Heart. As My Attention Went Back To The Two Girls W
:iconxxmystichunterxx:xXMysticHunterXx 0 0
Bell Lyn by xXMysticHunterXx
Mature content
Bell Lyn :iconxxmystichunterxx:xXMysticHunterXx 1 0
Vyn Lyn by xXMysticHunterXx Vyn Lyn :iconxxmystichunterxx:xXMysticHunterXx 1 0
Shalina The New Proxie
Shalinas Story Chapter 5
Shalinas POV : I Walked Through The Mansion Door Only To Find It Was Pitch
Black And I Loved It But Then The Lights Turned On "SUPRISE!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHALINA!!" All Of The CreepyPasta Members Jumped Out
Of Hiding Spots And Basically Screamed In My F*CKING FACE! I Was Kinda Pissed But Held Back My Anger To be Happy...Only For Them...."Awwww
Thanks, Guys You Really Didn't Have To!" After Talking Awhile They Started To Party And Some Started To Get Drunk Slendy Got Drunk Because
It Was A Party And He Got Dared To (XD) So I Took This As An Opportunity To Go To My Room And Cry Myself To Sleep For Tonight Was The Night I Was
Killed By.....My Own Parents.....And The Night When I Turned Into What I Am Now...I Cried Not Knowing I Was Being Watched By BEN
BENs POV : I Watched While Laughing As Everyone Dance Drunk Just Then Out Of The
Corner I Saw Shalina Walk Up The Stairs To Her Room 'Why Isn't She En
:iconxxmystichunterxx:xXMysticHunterXx 0 0
Shalina The New Proxie
Shalinas Story Chapter 4
Shalinas POV : After Waiting For The Others To Go In The Room
We All Waited For Slender To Talk
"So As We All Now Know Shalina Is Zalgos Sister And That He
Will Listen To Her So I Have A Question Shalina, Will You
Join Us CreepyPastas If You Do Your Leader Or Boss Will
Be BEN And Remember You Don't Have To Answer Straight Away
But Just Keep It In Mind Unless You have An Answer Right Now?"
I Thought About What Slender Just Said And He Thinks Ill JOIN The
Enemy?!?! "I-I Don't Know..." "That's Alright As I Said You Don't Have
To Answer Right Away Anyway Today We Are Going Shopping!" After Getting
Ready When We Met Up Again We All Looked....Human, I Would Ask How They
Did It But I Decided Against It Once We Got To The Mall Most Of The Girls
Ran In Jumping Of Joy While Me And The Boys Just walked In Some Of The
Boys Seemed Surprised About Me Being Calm About This When We Got In The Guys
Started Going Nutz I Mean Jeff Went To Th
:iconxxmystichunterxx:xXMysticHunterXx 0 0
Shalina The New Proxie
Shalinas Story Chapter 3.5
Shalinas POV : The Stars Seemed To Be Dancing And I
Caught BEN Tapping His Foot We Stayed There
For What Seemed Like Minutes Just Watching The Stars
Until "HEY YOU TOO GO TO BED!" Slender Yelled At Us Because He Had Apparently
Had Been Looking For Us Till He Saw Us On The roof Heh So We Went Back In
"Heh, Thanks, BEN That Was Fun I'm Glad You Showed Me That!"
"Heh, Your Welcome Anyway How We Gonna Sleep?" "Uhm" I Even Blushed
A Bit He Must Of Noticed Because He Started Chuckling "S-Shut Up"
"Saw I'm Good Anyway Go To Sleep Imma Play Video Games" "O-Ok"
WHY T-T After Awhile I Fell Asleep
BENS POV : I Knew It Was Hard For Her But Strangely She Didn't Complain
And When I Asked If She Was Awake And She Never Replyed I knew She Fell
Asleep "Heh Well She Actually Fell Asleep" After Awhile I Felt
Tired So I Climbed In Bed Knowing She Would Be Flustered In The Morning
:iconxxmystichunterxx:xXMysticHunterXx 0 0
Shalina The New Proxie
Shalinas Story Chapter 3
Shalinas POV : I Smiled At Ben I Could Only Hope He Was Telling The Truth
"Sooooo Now What?" I Asked Pretty Sure He Was Gonna Say Video Games But....
"How About We Go Up To The Roof And Look At The Stars?" This Suprized Me
"Erm Sure?" He Then Teleported Us To The Roof I Looked Up Amazed
Sorry This Chapter Is Short But Im Thinking Of Other Storys Todo!
:iconxxmystichunterxx:xXMysticHunterXx 1 0
Shalina The New Proxie
Story Of Shalina Chapter 2
Slendys POV : Just As We Were About To Attack Shalina Whispered Somethin Into
Zalgos Ear He Nodded And Went Back To The Underworld Then She Did Somthin We Didn't Expect
Shalinas POV : After My Brother Went Back I Surrendered Surprising Them All Slender Went Up
To Me And He Put Chains On Me "Someones Going To Have To Be Chained To Her."
"WHAT?!?!" They All Didn't Wanna Be Attached To Me "I Have Chosen BEN" "WHY THE F*UCK ME?!?!"
"Because Your The One Who Is Inside The Most" He Sighed In Anger But Walked Towards Us And The
Chains Linked On To Him He Seemed Pissed To Be Chained To Me But I Didn't Mind Slendy Explained
That If I Wandered To Far From Him I Would Die That Got Me Pissed Ben Seemed To Notice This
And Took Me To His Room To Play Video Games His Room had a lot Of Green In It So I Guessed He Liked
The Color Green He Started To Play The Game Majoras Mask My Younger Brother Loved That Game
And He Got Me To Play It I Watched Ben
:iconxxmystichunterxx:xXMysticHunterXx 0 0
Shalina The New Proxie
Story Of Shalina Chapter 1
Shalinas POV : When I Woke Up I Was Surrounded By....Light....It Was HELL
The Tall Man Was There I Was Able To Use Some Of My Magic To Turn Off The Light
When I Did He Looked Around Then..."Miss. Shalina Did You Just Turn Off The Light??"
I Nodded My Head Yes And He Started Stroking His Chin "Well Then Miss. Shalina Would
You Like To Meet The Others?" "O-Ok" As We Walked Out There Were Multiple People Sitting
On The Couch And On the Floor As We Went Downstairs They All Looked To Us "HEY! Slendy
That's The New Girl Right??" A Man Who looked Kinda Like Link Said But He Had...Black And Red Eyes
Slendy Nodded His Head Yes And I Was Introduced To Everyone...But They Were The Enemy Thats
What Zalgo Said.."N-NO! GET AWAY YOU ARE THE ENEMY TO MY LORD!!" "...Who Is This Lord Of Yours...?"
They All Were Staring At Me As If I Were Somethin Important I Stepped Back Not Wanting To Get Attacked
"I Will Ask Again WHO Is Your Lord?" "
:iconxxmystichunterxx:xXMysticHunterXx 0 0
Shalina by xXMysticHunterXx Shalina :iconxxmystichunterxx:xXMysticHunterXx 1 0 Shalinas Birthday Gift! by xXMysticHunterXx Shalinas Birthday Gift! :iconxxmystichunterxx:xXMysticHunterXx 1 0 Oc Name : Shalina by xXMysticHunterXx Oc Name : Shalina :iconxxmystichunterxx:xXMysticHunterXx 0 0 Hidden In Darkness by xXMysticHunterXx Hidden In Darkness :iconxxmystichunterxx:xXMysticHunterXx 1 0


Neko Atsume {Sprite base and Lineart} by Karkats-Spaghetti Neko Atsume {Sprite base and Lineart} :iconkarkats-spaghetti:Karkats-Spaghetti 275 128 Neko Atsume {Sheep Cushion Base/Lineart} by Karkats-Spaghetti Neko Atsume {Sheep Cushion Base/Lineart} :iconkarkats-spaghetti:Karkats-Spaghetti 64 7 f2u pony base by NarkDeNewt f2u pony base :iconnarkdenewt:NarkDeNewt 237 14 Stop {MLP Base} by Karkats-Spaghetti Stop {MLP Base} :iconkarkats-spaghetti:Karkats-Spaghetti 144 24 A little shy {F2U}{MLP Base #2} by Karkats-Spaghetti A little shy {F2U}{MLP Base #2} :iconkarkats-spaghetti:Karkats-Spaghetti 172 7 MFP/CFP/LSP Base {F2U}{MS Paint Friendly} by Karkats-Spaghetti MFP/CFP/LSP Base {F2U}{MS Paint Friendly} :iconkarkats-spaghetti:Karkats-Spaghetti 64 8 Reference Sheet {F2U}{MLP Base}[OUTDATED] by Karkats-Spaghetti Reference Sheet {F2U}{MLP Base}[OUTDATED] :iconkarkats-spaghetti:Karkats-Spaghetti 471 76 Star Signs {Semi-open species}{READ THE FAQ} by Karkats-Spaghetti Star Signs {Semi-open species}{READ THE FAQ} :iconkarkats-spaghetti:Karkats-Spaghetti 297 438 Silent (Main PonyOC) by Lunar-EclipseYT Silent (Main PonyOC) :iconlunar-eclipseyt:Lunar-EclipseYT 7 5 Runner Alien base by Fuyumi-Pixels Runner Alien base :iconfuyumi-pixels:Fuyumi-Pixels 93 14 Free base by gigglesghostlover Free base :icongigglesghostlover:gigglesghostlover 5 0 Piggy Reff by MidnightLife0 Piggy Reff :iconmidnightlife0:MidnightLife0 7 0 I died. by gigglesghostlover I died. :icongigglesghostlover:gigglesghostlover 4 4 Base 108 by BlindAngel17 Base 108 :iconblindangel17:BlindAngel17 1,809 143 2 friends shooting each other by gigglesghostlover 2 friends shooting each other :icongigglesghostlover:gigglesghostlover 4 6
Amazing Artz!



ok So Iv Recently Gotten Into CreepyPasta, Yeah? So BEN Drowned I Go Onto Cleverbot After Awhile Of Chating You Know How He Says "You've Met With A Terrible Fate, Havent You?" Clev Said "You've Met With A Terrible Fate" After I Brought Up Majoras Mask Someone Help Me T-T


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